Ben Libberton new blogger in Curie

English 2018-12-04

He blogs about the transition from post doc to science communicator. Ben Libberton works as a communication officer at MAX IV laboratory in Lund. In his spare time he loves cooking and travelling.

What´s your occupation?
Today I work as a communication officer at MAX IV laboratory in Lund. Previously, I had a post doc at Karolinska Institutet where I researched microbes that typically cause infection in hospitals.

How did you become interested in the topic?
I’ve always been interested in science and through high-school, biology became my favourite subject. I studied microbiology at university because I was fascinated with this invisible microbial world that surrounds us and affects us all so much. During my postdoc, I discovered a passion for science communication, both from the creative side as well as the strategy for making research more visible.

What do you prefer to do in your spare time?
I really like cooking and when I can spend hours in the kitchen it feels like a luxury. I also love travelling and I’m always planning an adventure somewhere.
What was the last book you read?
The last book I read was Factfulness by Hans Rosling

What are you going to blog about?
Recently I changed my career from postdoc to full time science communicator. I’m going to be blogging about the transition into a new career as well as science communication in general.

What are your expectations of blogging in the Curie?
I hope that my work in Curie will stimulate discussions and debates, as well as helping researchers who want to do more science communication.

Text: Peter Tillhammar