Dream Big


The entertaining aspects of doing research never stop to amaze me. There are times when I suddenly get the enthusiasm to explore new things, which definitely let me go beyond my research borders.

Perhaps this has to do with my own research area in Information Systems, a field that is multidisciplinary in nature that seeks to nurture a balance on the relationship between people and technology.

As a result of the multidisciplinary nature of my own research area, once I challenged myself to organize a multidisciplinary conference, one of those very popular independent TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conferences, under the TEDx program.

It took a year of preparations, a year of devotion and a year of maximum performance to organize a team who pushed to a great success the very first TEDx event held at Linnaeus University in Växjö in 2014.

In the quest to find new exciting things in the midst of my research activities, it took me an afternoon chat to spark the initiative to organize a TEDx event, thinking that this is the right form to inspire myself, to inspire others and dream big. In fact, a year of preparations, devotion, humbleness and performance led us to achieve what our devoted team was dreaming.

Our very first selected TEDxLinnaeusUniversity speaker, Dr. Guy Winch, had the same moto “dream big”, while staying humble and almost unknown to the world awaiting his message. Our TEDx team and Guy tuned in so well naturally, which led to produce one of the most genuine and inspiring talks of all time recognized by TED itself, which as of today has more than 3,4 million viewers on the official TED channel. His talk ”Why we all need to practice emotional first aid” has become recognized as one of the most influential, ingenious, persuasive and funny talks of all time.

From this event I learned that you have to be natural and dare to dream big, as dreams often do come true when you work hard enough! Dream big everyone, it certainly pays off!

Would you like to get inspired? Watch Guy’s TED talk .

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