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Svenska 2016-01-18

She started to do research, with an interest in understanding the question: What is information? Today Miranda Kajtazi works as an assistant professor at Lund and Örebro University and focus her research on information security. In her spare time she likes to travel.

What is your research area?
I conduct research in the area of information systems with the focus on information security.

How did you become interested in the topic?
When I started with research I had an interest in understanding the question “what is information”, which is considered as one of the most crucial resources of our human and social affairs. Then I expanded my interest into understanding the phenomenon of information inadequacy. By exploring this particular phenomenon for a couple of years, I then realized that information security played a dominant role in causing information inadequacy. Originally, I thought my studies would continue to focus on information privacy, but once I discovered that information security was an even bigger problem, which in fact fed the raising problems of information privacy, I kept on continuing with research on information security to this day.

What do you prefer to do on your spare time?
I am particularly fond of travelling. On any free long weekend, I prefer hitting the road, either to explore my backyard (e.g. Skåne) or I take a flight to a nearby destination (preferably somewhere in the South of Europe when it’s winter time in Sweden J). When it’s time for holidays, long-haul flights are on my agenda. When weekends are shorter and I have no choice but to stay at home, then I tend to focus on biology, arts and music, (hmmm, when I don’t have a stressing deadline).

What was the last book you read?
I’m currently reading a book written by Jennifer E. Smith titled ”The Geography of You and Me”. Prior to this reading I read a book written by Daniel Kahneman titled ”Thinking, Fast and Slow”. As you might notice the two books are very different in nature, and probably this explains a lot on how my personality likes to get exposed to things that don’t get me bored, in other words, things that are not repetitive in nature J.

What are you going to blog about?
I would like to start sharing my story as a researcher from the very beginning when I started as a PhD student and continue to expose my progress along the way. I began to do research, despite that I never planned in doing so. Many ups and downs followed along the way, yet I often kept myself busy with lots of side projects, many of which had no similarities with the research I was/am conducting, which made my life exciting and worriless about getting depressed at any time, despite that research often tends to offer you the latter!

What are your expectations of blogging in the Curie?
Considering that Curie is such a prestigious magazine, particularly that it targets the world of academics who are very selective in what information they prefer to digest, I am excited that I am going to be part of the blogging sphere of Curie, where I hope to tell my story, both in an academic and a fun way, which might trigger the reader’s attention.

Text: Peter Tillhammar
Photo: Privat

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